About us

Subheat comprises of myself and my brother, originally we started working for my father who started working for himself in the late 1960s plumbing and heating. Things were a lot different then and the work was varied and interesting, businesses were still thriving and a lot of our work comprised of Industrial and comercial.

I started subheat a few years as I became interested in energy efficiency and design and good ventilation was a major factor. We have worked on many fabulous energy efficient projects, eco projects and passivhaus builds offering a complete service starting with impartial advice on how to get the best out of your heat recovery ventilation system but also what would be the ideal system design. 

We produce 3D cad drawings as when it comes the the installation it can be problematic to where the duct runs are located, where the exhaust and fresh air inlets are located and the positioning of the unit/s themselves to allow for eay access for servicing and cleaning the filters.

Subheat underfloor heating manifold